Alan Lee Fantasy Watercolour Artist
Jim Fitzpatrick Celtic and Fantasy Artist
Larry Elmore Fantasy Artist
Anne Sudworth Fantasy Pastel Artist
Clyde Caldwell Fantasy Artist
Gil Bruvel Surrealist Artist
H. R. Giger Surrealist and Fantasy Artist

3D Stores and Galleries

Renderosity A computer art community with galleries, Poser content and tutorials.
Graphx Emporium 2D and 3D content.
PoserAddicts Poser and Daz Studio content.
Content Paradise Poser content.
Runtime DNA Poser and Daz Studio content.
Cornucopia Vue content.
ArtZone 3D and 2D galleries.
Daz 3D Poser and Daz Studio content.
The Enchanted Forest Computer artists group.
The Fantasy Attic Computer artists group and store.

The Written Word

Terry Pratchett Writer of the 'Discworld' books.
Douglas Adams Writer of 'Hitchikers Guide.'
Southern Ocean Review For an interesting read.

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